Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cibo Indiane

Not much exciting happened in the last few days. Other than Canada losing to Russia 2-0 and getting eliminated. Good thing I didn't bet on the game.

The other night after 2+ weeks of pasta and pizza it was time for something different. So we explored around the Media Village some more and found a little Indian place. An oasis of curry in a desert of marinara. It was pricy (of course, Indian food in Italy), but really tasty. I braved ordering lamb vindaloo, but it was not as spicy as I thought it would be. The server in the restaurant told us they have a hard time selling really spicy food to Italians.

The highlight of the night after our meal. They brought us two palate cleansers. One was candied seeds of some kind and the other was a mix of different seeds (what I call "bird seed", sorry Renu if you're reading this...I don't know what it's called). Dom says "Oh you have to try this stuff, it's fantastic" and he shovelled it into his mouth. Steve shoved a spoonful of it into his mouth too. Then, almost immediately, the two of them got looks on their faces that were priceless.

Steve reacts to the taste of the "bird seed."

Dom stood up and took off for the bathroom, Steve spit it all out and started drinking the "Kama Sutra" Ginseng and Vodka liqueur (in a bottle shaped like a woman) and some alcoholic mango drink.

When Dom got back we laughed at both of them for 5 to 10 minutes straight. It was probably funnier because we drank all that beer in addition to those bottles of liqueur that were left on the table.

(clockwise) Steve, Bill, Jerry, David, Dom, me and Ed