Monday, February 13, 2006


Last night we dipped into a little pub that's a 5 minute walk from our Media Village. The place was PACKED...and for good reason. Juventus, Italy's #1 "football" team (who plays in Turin) was on the telly. They were playing Inter-Milan (the #2 team). People were chanting at the TV like they were in the stands at the game.

The score was tied as we sat down and Juventus was just about to get a penalty kick. Just then, Dom (the British "Vision Mixer" on the relief crew) said, "If that ball goes in, this place is going to just erupt." At that moment, on the TV screen with every eye in that bar glued to the set, Juventus took it's free kick and the ball went in. The place just exploded. Everyone started jumping up and down and banging their fists on the tables. It was really loud. They really like their soccer here. There was cheering for a minute or so. There was a few more minutes of play and the game ended.

Then we opened the drink menu and I swear they had almost every beer available in bottles. So we ordered some and sat there for an hour or so talking about crap.

Juventus is back in town on the 26th for another game. We might just go see it. It's only €10 -
20 There was one on Weds, Feb 8 but I missed it because I got back to the Media Village too late. That would be awesome to see a real European Soccer game.