Monday, February 06, 2006

And Away We Go

Well, it's the day I've enthusiastically anticipated and nervously dreaded at the same time. My first trans-Atlantic flight. (It sucks being a hermit from Alberta sometimes) Actually I think the first day on the job at the International Broadcast Centre will be more nerve wracking. It's like starting a new job again.

As I write this, I'm at Vancouver International Airport waiting for my plane to board. And "bored" doesn't begin to describe the next 2 hours as I sit here waiting for my plane to arrive. Looks like I will actually finish that John Grisham novel. Mind you, I can drive from Vancouver to Edmonton for 12 hours straight. What's a 9 hour flight to Frankfurt...nothin'.

On a positive note, as I arrived at the airport to check in, I saw Vicki Gabereau, her producer Jane Rowe and another woman (who's name escapes me right now :P ) checking in on the same flight as me. They are headed to Torino to do features for CTV during the Olympics. I have the strongest feeling they have better seats on the plane than I do. I think it was the "See you in the first class lounge" that Jane said to me that, gave it away, as they headed to the currency exchange kiosk. That being said, at least there will be some familiar faces on the flight.

I didn't notice before, but all the announcements in the International terminal at YVR are in Cantonese. I hope they're not calling me to the Lufthansa counter. Nah, if they were it would be in German.

Ciao. See y'all in Italy!