Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tickets, Money, Passport...

Biglietti, denaro, passaporto... How's my Italian? I've been studying for weeks now. But it will probably be for's the Olympics and everything will be in French or English!

I leave for Torino tomorrow afternoon and I feel like I have to get everything done before I leave. Including this introductory blog entry AND the crap I've been putting off since last year. Why I do this to myself? I'll never know.

I thought I was being smart when I made a list of things to Italian. You know, kill two birds with one stone. Yeah. Well that just doubled the time it took to do anything because I had to keep referring to the Italian Dictionary (pictured above, available at Chapters for $9.95) to get anything done! So I translated my list and now I'm getting things done.

While in Italy, the Torino Olympic Broadcasting Organisation(my employer) is going to pay me a per diem. But I thought I should have €150 or so to take with me while I sit at the airport in Frankfurt or my first day there. I went to the bank and that €150 cost me $214. $1.42/Euro...A good exchange rate if you can believe it, go Canadian Dollar! But the bank only had €50 notes. The teller directed me to an exchange house close by that I could break the 50's. When I got there, there was no one and a sign that said, "Back in 30 minutes." So I decided to kill some time and have a bite to eat. But in a place where I could see when the person came back. At one point, I saw someone in the booth and someone exhanging money. I finished eating and ran to the counter and again the "Back in 30 minutes" sign was posted and there was no one around. If that was my exchange house, I would have fired her ass (it was a woman who was working there). So I left and went 6 blocks away to another exchange house where I successfully broke the 50's. But I also learned there that the bank actually HOSED me on the exhange rate. This place sold for $1.38/Euro. She told me that the banks always hose you. Is that true? All that fuss for currency.

As I write this, I've just come home from watching the Superbowl. (Too bad for those Seahawks) Since I'm going to be a Relief Videotape Operator at the games, I couldn't help but notice how quickly those guys working tape at the Superbowl can get a play cued up. I hope I can cut it at the World's biggest sporting event. I'm shaking in my boots. I have to keep reminding myself that the play button is the one with just one triangle on it.