Monday, February 27, 2006

The Last Days in Turin

The last couple days have been quite busy. Saturday night the relief crew got together for a big dinner at one of the more popular restaurants in Turin. (The name of which escapes me at the moment.)

For €30 a person, you get a full Italian 4 course meal, all the booze you can drink and actual GOOD service. Which believe me, is hard to find in Italy. People don't go to a restaurant for service, they go there for food. Tipping is not that common.

When you sit down at the table, the Antipasti (starters) are already on the table for you. That nights antipasti consisted of various cheeses, sliced meats, bread, sundried tomatoes, grilled vegetables, etc. Then the Primo piatti (first course) comes out. Traditionally, in Italy, a first course is pasta or risotto. They brought out a plate with two pastas and risotto. Then Secondo piatti (second course, duh), lamb, chicken and tripe. I stayed away from the tripe, thanks. Then the desserts...a yummy chocolate mousse-covered pastry, chocolate cake and another chocolate pie thing...again all the names escape me. But it was delicious. not to mention the 20 bottles of wine our table went through.

At one point, the Germans in our relief team started singing Happy Birthday to Michael, another member of the German division of the relief team. The rest of us joined in. Soon enough the whole damn restaurant was singing it! Then everyone started cheering and the staff brought him out some sort of birthday dessert thing.

It was a good night and several members of the group had their fair share of wine and liquor that night.

Sunday was the last day of the Olympics and I could safely say, they didn't need most of us at all that day. So we went to Stadio dell Alpi and watched Juventus play Lecce in Italian Soccer. The stadium was built in 1990 for the World Cup and holds 70,000+ people. Unfortunately only 25,000 were interested in seeing the game.

The atmosphere in the stadium would have been dead if it wasn't for the fan clubs waving their flags, chanting and banging drums at one end of the stadium. Juventus won that game 3-1. But that was expected. Lecce isn't one of the top teams in Italian soccer (or "Calcio" which basically translates to "Kick").

After the game, I went back to the Media Village to pack. My flight was at 6am and in order to get there with any hopes of actually getting on the plane, I had to be there at 3am.

After packing, I headed back to the IBC. I had heard again that getting into the Closing Ceremonies was hit and miss. Some people get in, others don't with our accreditation. So I just watched it in HD at the IBC.

When the ceremonies were over, the IOC threw a big wrap party with the rights holders and TOBO staff right outide our door at the IBC.

There was a lot of food, beer (well actually it was Budweiser, not beer) and wine. After several of those (all three), I headed for the bus to get me back to the Media Village.

We managed to get most of the relief crew together for a final crew shot.

I left just before 1am to meet up with Jerry to catch a cab to the airport. (We expected the first bus at 3am to be jammed and we wanted to get a head start.)

As I write this it's Monday morning and I'm sitting in the airport in Frankfurt again. I'm at gate A56 and this has been my home for the last 5 hours while I wait to board my flight to Vancouver. Thanks to German efficiency, it seems to be boarding on time. So I am off.


Blogger Christoph said...

Man, you're quick. I am sitting in Brussels, waiting for my connecting flight. The keyboard-layout in the internet-lounge here is crazy.
Have a safe trip home!!
All the best,

2/27/2006 2:25 PM  

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