Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Those Pesky Petty Celebrities

Wow. Today's newspapers, TV news shows and websites are littered with celebrity news today. Tom and Katie, Clay and Kelly, then there's Michael Richards.

I could care less about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' funeral...I mean wedding. Why should I care? I don't know them. They're not friends of mine. I'm glad I don't get MSNBC...I guess it was the big story to them:

(Courtesy TVNewser.com/MSNBC)

I think that being a gossip/celebrity columnist/reporter is one of the lamest jobs on the planet. Most celebrity writers don't even know anyone remotely close to the celebrities they talk about...let alone the celebrities themselves. But they base their entire livelihood on writing and reporting about people they don't even know as if they're chummy.

And what is the big obsession some people have with famous people? The saddest part is there are people who like to live vicariously through rich, famous people by reading the trash in the papers.

When I was in London, I read a couple of the trash tabloid newspapers there. It's a totally different story. It's great. They find every flaw imaginable and blow it up. They had photos of Matthew McConaughey jogging with his schlog practically falling out and Sharon Stone with her tits hanging out on the beach. They call Kate Moss "Cocaine Kate" and showed her smoking while shopping in New York. There was an insert that showed a section of the photo blown up showing her legs and how wrinkled they are. But what's funny is that those newspapers outsell the smart more "hard news" papers by a huge margin in the UK.

One of the other stories today is about Clay Aiken and his guest host appearance on Regis and Kelly Live! on Friday. Throughout an interview with Dancing With The Stars winners Emmit Smith and Cheryl Burke, Clay had been trying to get a question in, but Kelly kept pressing on with her questions. At one point, Clay puts his hand over Kelly's mouth to shut her up. She wasn't impressed. Click Here to see the view on YouTube.

Gee...I wonder what she was implying with that "who knows where your hands have been" comment. I guess all this has caused a bit of a controversy and Kelly Ripa was still complaining about it yesterday morning. Click Here to see that video on YouTube.

This situation has been blown out of proportion. So what? She was hogging the interview and Clay was just kidding around finding an, albeit, dumb way to express that. Sure it was rude of Clay Aiken, but you can tell that he realized where this was going when he did it and looked sorry. Whether he's publicly apologized or not. In reality, though, this is more about their childish, celebrity egos.

I was telling a friend of mine the other day (who is an on-air TV personality) that it takes a certain kind of person to be on television or movies. It requires a lot of confidence but, many times, at the expence of high confidence comes insecurity and low self-esteem. Not all of them...but I have worked with my fair share of insecure on-air people with inflated egos. So many people take those jobs because they just want to have some form of outside validation. But the moment they get bad press, they cower in the corner and blame others for their problems.

The worst part is, the more famous they become the worse it gets . Many famous, privileged people aren't used to hearing the word "No",they insist on having the last word and getting what they want when they want. Maybe less media attention would put their lives into a more normal perspective. I doubt it though. They're just as insignificant as the rest of us.

Now...As for Michael Richards...he has a lot of cleanup to do. He's been in the business a long time and should know that it's almost mandatory for a standup comedian to deal with a heckler while on stage. I'm sure if it was me up there, it would get under my skin to the point of blowing up. But I think turning it into a racist slur-fest is really uncalled for. Click Here to see the video on YouTube.

In Canada, we don't have the same racial divide that there is in the US. To be honest, I can't understand why in a in industrialized, modern country like the United States, this still exists. It's an archaic way of thinking. But what's sadder, is it seems like it's existence is somewhat excepted. Sure, people are pissed off about what he actually said...but in a few months it will be forgotten. Maybe all he has to do is apologize now and hope this passes over and my guess is it will.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sony's Crap

I have often complained about Sony Corporation (but never on this blog mind you) and their attempts to dictate things in the consumer world. Their efforts are failing and they're losing a lot of money now.

Here's a great blog entry about it.


They do the same in the broadcast world. For example, Sony makes their own line of Production Switchers used in TV control rooms and mobile trucks. But as of late, many stations and mobile companies are pulling out their Sony switchers for more user-friendly Grass Valley switchers. Grass Valley actually consults Technical Directors/Vision Mixers and gets their input where Sony lets their engineers make all the decisions and they tend to do things against the way TDs need.

They need a shakeup.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmas Coming Early

I'm glad to see that the advertising companies have decided to start Christmas advertising right BEFORE HALLOWEEN this year. But that is still too early!

I realize that it's the retail industry's biggest money-making time of year. But every year it seems like the commercials, posters and Christmas decorations go up earlier. I have to admit, though, they waited until the end of October instead of the middle of October. That's still too early though.

It should wait until after November 11. Most western countries celebrate a Remembrance Day or Veterans Day that day. It should be recognized before we start concentrating on the craziness of Christmas.

After all all those people died so that those money-grubbing CEOs could be free to make their millions.

I think I've complained about this before!