Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmastime Is Here!

Over the last ten years, I've dreaded Christmas. Not the family, big meals and good cheer; but the shopping, commercialization and Christmas advertising. Especially the advertising.
Year after year, the corporations slowly creep the start of their holiday advertising earlier than the previous year. I saw Christmas decorations up and the first TV commercials in mid-October. That's way too early. I boycott those stores that start their Christmas ads and Christmas decorations before November 1st.
I think I'm going to start an online petition asking the advertising companies and retail stores to hold off their Christmas crap until after Halloween.
There is one plus side to this Christmas. I've actually tried being less of a humbug and tried to get into the Christmas spirit. This year, I've put lights up in my windows and helped out at my company's childrens' Christmas party. (and yes, it was called a Kids' Christmas party. Not this "Holiday Party" or "Non-denominational Holiday Party" shit).
Helping at that party started making me remember the times that I actually enjoyed the holiday season in it's entirety. It was a long time ago. Next year I think I'll try even harder if those corporations don't piss me off.
On a big plus side, it looks like I may not have to work New Year's Eve night...yay!