Thursday, March 03, 2005

Other Peoples' Kids

Since when has it been considered good behaviour for a child or teenager to boss their parents around?

Four times this week I've been in a public place and witnessed children (I'll categorize them all as "children") cussing out their parents and telling them what to do. The most notable was a big scene in Costco this weekend where a teenage girl was pulling her mom away from things in the store that didn't interest her and swearing at her. This girl went on to yell at her Mom that she wasn't interested in whatever it was Mom was looking at and she was being "a pain in the ass." If I had done that at that age, I would have been beaten with a coat hanger and sent to my room without dinner!

Why do these spoiled little brats embarass their parents in public and why aren't the parent's doing anything about it? And why is it that many kids now have no respect for anyone? (see blog entry for Feb. 24, 2005)